Completed: 2016
Value: $5 Million

Two highly specialised facilities were constructed within heritage listed buildings on the UNSW Paddington Campus. the first stage project was the construction of specialised brain research facilities for the Faculty of Medicine included a world best CAVE facility involving a circular array of 52 rear engine projection to infinity German supplied display engines in 14 columns of 3 monitors high with a specialised sensor driven movement tracking sound system, a second 3D dome presentation facility, a 3D cinema unit, a complex server machine room with extensive computer facilities and graphics engines to drive the displays, interactive display units, staff and meeting facilities and associated BCA and accessibility upgrades to Building C. The main CAVE array is over 7 metres in diameter with a height in excess of 3.6 meters. The second facility was the construction of a Human Robotics Laboratory for monitoring and assessing human and robot interactions in a controlled environment.

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