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Newington College Le Couteur

Completed: 2017
Value: $3 Million

Space within the Le Couteur Building was freed by the relocation of the Library to the Sesquicentenary Building providing the opportunity for major scale refurbishment of this heritage building designed by Budden & Mackey in 1947.

The Ground Floor was re-purposed as a specialised Art Facility with a Digital Art & Photographic Studio, Senior and Junior Art Studios and support for the College's Artist-in-residence programme. Art Staff offices within the Centre and extensive art storage & display facilities, ceramics laboratory space and links through to the central meeting space of the future Year 7 Centre feature in the innovative reuse of this building. The upper floor was extensively re-planned as a specialist Languages Centre with numerous small group work areas in addition to the major languages Teaching Rooms, Languages Staff offices within the Centre and a variety of common area display facilities to create an attractive and inclusive Department identity.

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