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18WW Facade Upgrade

Completed: 2023
Value: $16 Million

BNMH Architects was approached to develop a facade upgrading concept for the Old Library Building, a brutalist centre piece which sits on the new Central Courtyard at the heart of the Macquarie University campus. We maintained the rhythms and significant built fabric of the facade while upgrading ESD performance criteria to meet the University’s standards, with integrally shaded new glazing systems to create a focus for the Central Courtyard.


BNMH also designed a new high performance facade for the adjoining building with integrated external sun shading and high performance glazing assemblies, plus increased fabric insulation. The new facades and the associated upgrading of external works, including the western terrace with the new Wally’s Coffee & Toasties providing extensive student and staff outdoor social space, have created a new, vibrant & centrally located component of the important public streetscape of Wally’s Walk.

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